Dyofix Algae Treatment

Dyofix Algae Treatment – It can be very time consuming to clear algae and submerged weeds from ponds, lakes and fishery’s that have become choked with the unsightly nuisance.

Dyofix is a safe, non-toxic, algae control solution. Within a short space of time your pond or lake is turned into an aesthetically pleasing expanse of water, in an environmentally-friendly way.

Dyofix Algae Treatment & solutions are all propriety blends of European Food Approved colours and do not pose any threat to humans, animals, fish or insects etc.

Dyofix Pond Black inhibits algae and submerged weeds growth, but principally the stark black coloured algae inhibitor is used for aesthetic purposes.

Dyofix SGP Blue is an algae and submerged weeds growth inhibitor with a very slight blue tint (using recommended ratios), ideal for algae prevention in domestic fish ponds and lakes.

Dyofix SGP Shadow is a colourless algae and submerged weeds prevention for a completely natural look in garden fish ponds and small lakes. It works the same way as Dyofix SGB Blue.

White Water Fisheries are stockists of all types of Dyofix.
If you have a weed or algae problem then give us a call and we can give you a competitive quote for the supply and introduction of all types of Dyofix.