About White Water Fisheries

White Water fisheries prides itself on providing first class products and services to its customers from the purpose built farm based on the edge of the peak district in Derbyshire. The fish farm is regulated and registered by CEFAS and has regular inspections to make sure it is disease free, and ran to the government’s guidelines. 

All of our health checks are carried out by www.blueroof.com (Ian Wellby). All the fish that leave the site are covered by a mandatory health check. We have designed and built a fish hatchery to produce species such as Barbel, Chub, Tench, Crucian Carp, Carp and Bream. All our fish are produced on site and our own brood stock are also kept on site to reduce the risk of any disease.

The brood stock is brought into the hatchery through the months of April, May and June. They are then artificially spawned before being returned to the stock ponds, ensuring they will be in top condition for the next year. Meanwhile the eggs are placed into zugar jars where they will stay for around 3-5 days depending on the species before they hatch out. Once the fish have hatched out they move to the top of the zugar jar where they will swim out of the spout and into the bottom of the main tank. They will then live on their yolk sacks for around 3 days before swimming to the top of the tank to start actively looking for food.

At this point we will feed them on a special brine shrimp diet to give them the live protein, vitamins and minerals they need to be strong and healthy. The fish are kept on a brine shrimp diet for around a week before being weaned onto a powdered high protein diet. This enhances growth and ensures when they go out into the stock ponds they are big enough and strong enough to compete with what life will throw at them. Once they have been on this diet for around a week they are put into purpose built fish farm stock ponds to grow on for the summer.

At White Water Fisheries we care about the fish we produce and we’ll stop at nothing to get the best results possible from our fish, this ensures you the customer get a first class product which speaks for its self.