Coarse Fish Prices

Please note there is a minimum order of £500.00

Carp60p£1.00£2.00£3.50£5.50 per lb
Cruician Carp-£2.00£3.00£5.50-

White Water Fisheries Ltd is NOT a VAT registered company so VAT does not apply to prices. Discounts available on large orders please contact us for details.

Larger orders of fish can be delivered in our purpose built fish trailer to ensure the fish arrive stress free and in the best condition possible. Delivery will be charged at 40p per mile or orders over £3000 will be free of charge up to 100 miles each way.


*Minimum order value £500.00

Carp for sale

Carp are our biggest seller of all the coarse fish species, which is understandable due to the hard fighting characteristics and pig like appetite. But carp have more to offer than just a bend in the rod. Bred and grown properly you can get a beautiful mix of mirror carp including leather, fully scaled, and linear.

If you add in some nice golden common carp, you’re onto a winner. Here at White Water Fisheries we grow a mixture of carp to keep all our customers happy. If you would like any pictures of our current stock of carp for sale then please ask and we can send them by email.

Tench for sale

Tench are a very slow growing fish which is why they command a higher price compared to faster growing carp. All of our Tench are spawned from young healthy fish giving the fry the best possible start in life.

They are a hard fighting bottom dwelling fish, which sometimes has the most technical of anglers pulling their hair out trying to get a bite. However once they hit a nice shoal of Tench and start putting a few on the bank, few would argue that there’s no better feeling.

Crucian Carp for sale

Our Crucian Carp are 100% pure strain, and this is checked each year by an independent fish health specialist. Crucians are a very shy feeding fish and sometimes can be allusive for years after stocking, then all of sudden re-appear treble the size they were stocked. Crucian Carp are like a bar of gold in colour and are becoming rare to catch due to the spread of common Carp and Brown Goldfish in wild stocks. When these 2 species cross with the Crucian Carp they develop a strain of fish that has been called the F1 hybrid. Sadly the F1 hybrid only has a short life expectancy so White Water Fisheries will not be breeding them and will stick to breeding the native pure Crucian Carp.

Bream for sale

Bream are generally a shoal fish and have nick names such as ‘dustbin lids’ or ‘hoovers’. This is because when the Common Bream gets to around 2lb it has the rounded characteristics of a dustbin lid. Its other nickname comes from when the Common Bream gets to 1lb plus, it swims in large shoals which hoover any beds of bait or other tasty morsels they can find on the lake bed.

Some people can mistake the Common Bream for a Silver Bream, when the Common Bream is 8-10” or smaller it is silver in colour and looks like another type of Bream called the Silver Bream. However Silver Bream only grow to around 8” in length and has a much larger eye than the Common Bream. As always the best way to avoid any confusion or miss selling is to buy your fish from a reputable dealer like White Water Fisheries.

Chub for sale

Chub are a fantastic predatory fish that can live in still or flowing water. If you are suffering with a small fish problem they are a perfect solution to help keep fry numbers down.


They will happily eat a maggot as well as small fry, so from a fishing point of view they are an ideal fish. They also allow bigger fish more room and more food to grow, and will also not reproduce in still water which enables you to easily keep check on your fish stocks.

Barbel for sale

Barbel are renowned as a river fish but over the past decade have become increasingly popular with still fishery owners. Barbel do extremely well in still water but do require more oxygen than your average still water fish. However in the right environment they can thrive, putting on very good weight gains within a year, and giving you the best pound for pound fight of all the British fresh water fish.