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Coarse Fish For Sale by White Water Fisheries

At White Water Fisheries we care about the fish we produce and we’ll stop at nothing to get the best results possible from our fish, this ensures you the customer get a first class product which speaks for itself, take a look at the coarse fish for sale and our price list.

We have a purpose built fish hatchery which produces species such as Barbel, Chub, Tench, Crucian Carp, Carp and Bream. All of our fish are produced on site from our own brood stock which is also kept on site to reduce the risk of any disease.

Here at Water Fisheries we produce 2 types of strain of Carp The Dinkelsbuehl (Dink) Carp strain and the Leney Carp strain , the Dink strain is known for its deep body and phenomenal growth rates and the Leney strain is renowned for its pretty scale patterns. We produce a Pure Dink strain and then we cross the Dink with the Leney to produce a nice looking scaly fish that still has potential to grow at a nice steady rate but just remember a fish’s growth is always dictated by the food available.

We also produce a lot of small match size Carp for sale to the industry, we tend to produce a lot of the pure Dink mirrors for the match Carp market, this is because they have very few scales on the body of the fish and this helps because they don’t tend to lose many scales when getting caught in matches therefore limiting the damage on fish helping to combat stress and secondary infection. We have noticed this over the years of moving many of thousands of fish across the country and found this specific strain of fish transport a lot better than other more scaly strains of carp.

All of the coarse fish for sale which we have grown on site have gone through various processes from being born from the egg in the hatchery to then going out to fertilised ponds on the farm so they can eat natural food to develop strong immune systems to set them in good stead for later life. After the fish have exhausted all the natural food within the pond they are put onto a high protein, vitamin, mineral diet to get the best growth in their first summer so they can continue to grow well over the coming years. Once fish have gone through their first summer the ponds are drained and limed the fish are counted and graded either for deliveries or to grow on for another year, in March time the on growing fish are taken out of the temporary holding ponds and put into the big sterile farm ponds to grow on for another summer , the Chub and Barbel stay on a high protein (48%) diet because they can digest and utilise the higher protein feeds but the rest of the fish are put onto a standard (37%) protein coarse fish pellet throughout the summer.

Here at White Water Fisheries we are coarse fish farmers not coarse fish dealers, all of our fish are grown on the farms and we don’t buy fish in from the wild so you can be sure the fish you are buying we have reared from fry to fish.

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